Screen Printing and Other Services


Whilst East Coast Embroidery specialises in producing the highest quality embroidered goods, it’s not all we can do for your business! We can also have your goods screen printed, and organise additional personalised merchandise for whatever purpose you may have.
As every garment and product is different, some may or may not be suitable for embroidery services but perfect candidates for screen printing.

What is screen printing? Screen printing is a cheaper alternative to embroidery, especially if you want a larger image or logo reproduced onto the back of your garment. Whilst screen printing will not outlast the garment, as embroidery does, it can be perfect should you require cheaper promotional items/ novelty t-shirts.

How is it priced? Screen printing is priced based upon the number of colours that are used in your logo (ie. if you want to keep the cost of your screen printing down, make sure to limit the number of colours you use).

It is also important to note that there is a minimum of 10 items per screen printed design, in addition to a once-off artwork charge associated with screen printing. As with embroidered items, the more you order the cheaper it becomes- so buy in bulk and save!

We are more than happy to provide you with an individual quote, so please make sure to CONTACT US today for all of your screen printing needs!