Why choose embroidery? It’s simple really – embroidering your logo onto a garment will provide you with the very best quality and longevity. Not only will embroidery outlast your garment, it won’t fade and will look as good as it did the day you received it for years to come!

All of our embroidery machines are state of the art and computer interfaced, making the process from digitisation to embroidered product an easy one. Once this is done (and you’ve received your goods), the embroidery design is kept on file for future use – meaning that the logo can be precisely and consistently reproduced on your garments, at any time in the future.

Great care is taken with the back up of our embroidery files, so your embroidery file will never be ‘lost’.

If your logo has artwork associated with it – outside our PRE-DIGITISED FONTS – it will need to be digitised. Pricing is entirely dependent on the size of your logo, and quotes are unique to the intricacies of your design. You can bring the artwork in to us… Or, alternatively, e-mail it to us as a JPEG file HERE.

The thread that we use on each individual embroidery is manufactured to a military standard. This ensures that your logo will not fade, and as a rule, the embroidered logo will out last the garment itself. The only thing that will ruin our embroidery work is bleaching products- so take care when washing! Our Sales team is able to advise on the proper washing methods for each of our STOCKISTS.

The range of colours available is amazing – you can use up to fifteen different colours to create your embroidered design.